Monday, March 9, 2015

Back From Taiwan

Yep, we're back from Taiwan. Been a month since we were back, things have been rather chill. So let's take you through a bit of our journey in Taiwan. Started off with Day 1.

Day 1

Well our flight check in is scheduled at 3pm, so naturally when we reach KLIA2 at 2pm, we attacked McDonald's. Here's a sneak peak of how Fye loves the camera, no one is paying attention to Shahrul except for Fye - obviously.

A picture before we check ourselves in and board the plane. Honestly what's going through our minds? First time being able to represent our country to a dance competition? Nervous? Nope... We were just excited, didn't really thought about the competition much at this point, just purely excited to travel. A moment to remember, the excitement, our first, the bond, everything was perfect as captured.

And so the clock hits 4.30pm, and we boarded the plane. What did we do? Nothing of course, it's a freaking 5 hours flight, sleep la! BUT first, let us take a selfie...

To the clouds!!!

After our long 5 hours flight, we've finally arrived in TAIWAN... Tao Yuan!!! It's the first time for many of us, it was freezing cold on the night of our arrival, 14 degrees, Geez! Thinking we're going to just stay in our hotel and chill through the night since it was too cold... NOT! We totally went crazy with the wind, having fun running in the cold and just chilling outside of 7-eleven.

And of course, since there's nothing much to do, we just took loads and loads of pictures of each other... One selfie after another, what do you expect? LOL... here's another picture of us eating in a local shop, boohoo for us not being able to enjoy much of the food there, but hey, 7-eleven's Milk Tea and packed bento is pretty good!

Day 2

Woke up super early, had our breakfast at 8am and gathered at the lobby by 9am.

Here's another one from us before we depart to Tao Yuan Art Centre.

Although we didn't manage to secure the top 3 spot, we were truly thankful for the experiences we got from the competition. The Taiwan scene was definitely solid and the people there are just so friendly, they've definitely inspired us to work harder towards achieving greater heights.

And so that concludes our Day 1 and Day 2 in Taiwan. So what's next, it's of course to explore Taiwan with our brothers!!! To kick start Day 3, here's a selfie!

Day 3

So what we did was, we went scouting around for any studio in Taipei, and came across IP Dance Studio. We thought it'll be fun to drop by and see the classes for ourselves, maybe take some classes too! But we were instantly asked to performed there, and the IP crews also performed their sets and did some sharing with us. Our styles are definitely different, it was such an inspiring moment and great experience for us.

After hanging out for a while, we decided to walk around Taipei city to, to explore around and see what's special... Of course many of us couldn't try a lot of the tempting street food because it's not HALAL, however we've got to go on a shopping spree!!!

PS: Cavan and Steph sneaked out from the hotel to go get pork! =.="

ANYWAYYYYYS... Here's our hunt for the day!

Sneakers and Kendama for each member in the crew!

So what other than shopping, what did we do? Well since food hunting is rather hard for us, we've decided to make it HALAL ourselves! So we COOKED!

Imagine us with our hotpot during WINTER! Yes, it was winter here, and this was heaven!

5 Days in Taiwan passes just like that, we didn't have much pictures to share because we were to excited enjoying ourselves over there. In which we should probably have taken more pictures to share. But hey, we believe that this will be the beginning of many more to come!

So this is us saying goodbye, till next time!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Are Going To TAIWAN!!!

 YAY!!! We are going to TAIWAN next week! We won the 1st Runner Up today in Subang One City's 17th Dance Competition and we got to know that we get to represent Malaysia to Taiwan to compete! We are so blessed and so happy that we are able to finally take it one step further together as a crew, as a family! Jyeah! Thanks to all that have supported us, our spouses, our friends, our family, those who cheered for us and supported us, those who gave us advises and encouragement, thank you all so much. Special thanks to PASSION DANZ STUDIO (yehyeahhh)... Thank you Becky for housing our late trainings and messy take-over of your studio... xD 

We will be uploading our video for today's competition soon, do look out for it and keep yourself updated for our adventure in Taiwan! ^^ Great year ahead! Lehgo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shahrul's New Choreography Video - Xde Hal Bro - Caprice (ft. REZ)

NEW VIDEO IS UP by Shahrul! Check out him and his students drop it like it's HOT! This video is inspired by Malaysian artists who are growing in the industry, and to show the appreciation towards the music, he expressed it in the language he's best at - DANCE. Watch it, Like it, and Share it. Support us in our movements... Thank you for watching!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Awesome Air Master Day

Hi guys, happy new year! So to start the year off, let us present to you, our tricking reel! With AOXM's new Air Matt, tricking has been made more fun for us. Hope you enjoy our video, and feel free to comment! Thank you for watching.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

PlanX Got Talent

Congratulations to Amir from Inversion got bagging the 1st Runner Up for tonight's PlanX Got Talent! Though most of us weren't there, but our spirit was! And he has certainly made us very proud... Congrats also to Bboy Juicy & Khenobu for bagging the Champion title, as well as Bboy Syahmie for getting 2nd Runner up! It has been a great journey for the members of Inversion this year, look out for us as there will be more coming in year 2015!

Merry Christmas!!!

Woohoo!!! Merry Christmas HOHOHO!!! We ended our night with an awesome party session with our Freedom Dance Studio family, it was such a great event organized by a bunch of talented awesome people from PEZ and Freedom. Yes there were slight hiccups during our performance but nevertheless, we really had fun performing for the crowd, hoping they've enjoyed it as much as we do. Other crews that performed such as Hyperactive Dance Crew, Exodus and the students were so good! Not forgetting the instructors' performances as well... The catering was amazing, the students were awesome and the vibe was just so warm and joyful throughout the night. Definitely one of the best night! We wanna wish all of our friends, supporters and family a very very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to many more friendship to build, and growth in the art we love :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Shahrul's Class in D'Votion

Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith

Hi guys, check out the newly updated class video by Shahrul in D'Votion. He doesn't usually does slow songs, when he does, I guess this is how it looks like. Let us know what you all think, leave us a comment in the chat box at the side. ^^

To check out where Shahrul and Kei teaches, click on "Video" on the top and select "Classes" for their schedule. :) ... OR... you could just simply click it here... :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Video From Kei Ft MCC

Hi Guys, video of the week, check out Kei's new video featuring one of our funniest and awesome brothers from Motion Coast Crew!!! If you like the video, share it and subscribe to Kei's Channel as well. If you would like to do a collabo with any of us from Inversion, simply inbox us in facebook or leave a comment here, we'll pick a random entry and arrange a collabo with you for our January video! It'll be fun and exciting ^^ Holla at us!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Freedom's Xmas Party!

Ho ho ho...!!! Everyone knows that Christmas is one of the most joyous festive season to look out for, it's filled with laughter, fun, presents, christmas songs and SNOW!!! Well, maybe not snow in Malaysia, but STILL, it's one of the most looked forward day of the year! This year, we will be celebrating it with a bunch of awesome dancers, namely the members of Project Elements, and Freedom Dance Studios' dancers and students, well other dancers from all around will also be joining us for this event. There will be free food, drinks, games, activities, performances, gift exchange... it's gonna be a lot of fun. For those who knew PEZ and us, well, you should be expecting no less than crazy!

So come and join the fun, everyone is invited! For more information and queries, visit Freedom Dance Studio's Facebook page, drop them a message. Haha... We'll see you there!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello everyone, welcome to our official blog page. Here, we will be updating our latest news, videos, updates and whereabouts. Do visit us here often to check out what's going on with us. As of now, we'll be updating what happened to us for the past 3 months. Do have some patience as we will gradually upload everything by early 2015. Thank you in advance for all your support, we look forward in seeing you all around too! Drop by our facebook page and holla up at us ;)